Johan Smith
Managing Director

Mr. Smith is a qualified Electronic engineer with more than 26 years’ experience in the fields of control systems and monitoring in the water industry.

He also has the capabilities to implement energy management systems.
After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from the North West University in 1992 Mr Smith worked for Denel in the Houwteq affiliate as systems engineer on the ground system navigation team in the satellite program of Denel. He moved to Advanced Technology engineering where he was the systems engineer for the avionic system upgrade program for the Pilatus Astra aircraft.

He then joined Supervisory and Control Expertise Engineering where he was a control system engineer involved in mining and water projects. He then started Artiflex Engineering in 2004 to service primarily the water industry. He has since established Artiflex as a respected specialist in the water industry. Artiflex implements the latest technology and control processes in South Africa and abroad for more than 16 years now.